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Extreme sadness to almost panicking’ : Easton developer from Israel in touch with family

EASTON, Pa. – A developer who continues to transform prime real estate throughout Easton is watching what’s happening overseas extra closely.

“My grandparents were led into the concentration camps and were lucky to escape, by the way liberated by the Americans, so my personal story with America actually started a very long time ago, before I was born,” said Hagai Feiner, the owner and president of Platform Five.

Hagai Feiner was born and raised in Israel in the 1970s.

He served in the Israeli Air Force for four years, before opting to continue school and moving to America.

69 News has introduced you to Feiner before, as the owner and president of Platform Five, developing and leasing properties all around Easton.

Now, we’re talking with him about something different.

“Those emotions are ranging from extreme sadness to almost panicking. I’m doing my best to try and keep everybody calm,” said Feiner.

Everybody, meaning all of that family he still has in Israel, including his mother, sister, nephews and cousins whom he’s in constant contact with.

“The men who are still in the reserves, which is the majority of people I know, have been enlisted. They’ve been called in,” said Feiner.

The dad who splits his time in the Lehigh Valley and the West Coast kept his kids home from school Friday, amid Hamas calling for a day of rage.

It’s been an emotional week.

“I’ve never cried like this in my adult life. It’s just completely heartbreaking,” said Feiner.

He considers the graphic images being released its own type of warfare.

They’re so different than the photos he shared showing fond memories of visits to his home country.

Feiner stresses the importance of everyone educating themselves on what’s going on.

“I hurt for everyone who’s hurt, especially in a sense, especially children, especially families, on both sides, unequivocally,” said Feiner.

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